Huck Finch's PurposeBrand workshops clarify the core of your existence as a business. Define who you are, who you are for, and implement your brand with confidence in two 4-hour brand sprints.

Problems we help solve
  • "We are struggling to align our brand, culture, and strategy."
  • "We're can't find enough of the clients we love."
  • "We have a great product, but have a hard time explaining it."
  • "We've read every blog post on branding and marketing, but can't pull it all together."
  • "We want to become a more purpose-driven company, but aren't sure how."

The Specifics

Getting beyond price

Seth Godin put it best when he said: “The reason it seems that price is all your customers care about is that you haven’t given them anything else to care about." We believe that purpose over profit is good for every brand. We look for ways to create a movement that reaches far beyond a logo or set of colors.

A platform that guides you business

Building a brand around purpose is challenging because you have to make key core decisions upfront to get there. Creating consensus and buy-in to one vision, mission, and purpose isn't easy but it makes ever decision that comes after easier. From marketing campaigns, to product development.

Brand Storybook + Deliverables

We assemble to core elements of a brand into one deliverable:

  • Purpose Statement
  • Brand Manifesto + Core Message
  • Customer Avatar/Persona Development
  • Customer Value Statements
  • Brand Positioning
  • Core Values + Behaviors
  • Brand Roadmap
  • Brand Storybook
Explaining who you are and why you're unique is hard.

Sometimes, painfully hard.

So you just morph into whomever you need to be to get business.

The PurposeBrand Workshop gives you the messaging and identity you need to be confident about who you are, who you are for, and how to talk to your ideal clients.

How do the workshops...work?

We typically do two (2), four hour (4) workshops to go over the core elements of a brand. Think of these a discovery and collaborative time with the team to make key decisions. We keep them fun, light, and focused on the info we need to move forward with confidence.

Is a new logo included with PurposeBrand?

We include a logotype suggestion where needed that fits with the brand identity we establish. You can use it (or not), but we find establishing a logo with a graphic designer is much easier once your PurposeBrand is established. It is a perfect deliverable to give to a great designer to get a logo that will represent your brand.

What if my business doesn't have a name yet?

We have workshops just for establishing a name (or new name). Just let us know up front and we can add in time for that work. There are ways to replace other items without adding cost, or we can expand the engagement to allow time. Naming is something that you don't want to rush, so it would likely extend the actual engagement in terms of timeline.

How long does the process take?

We aim to wrap these up in 60 days or less from start to finish. Sometimes the scheduling stars don't align for client teams, but that is a rarity. We keep a focused client load on our side, so we can always get things done on the 60 day timeline.

Work With Huck Finch

Purpose always sets the tone for what we work on. We take time up front to make sure we all know where we're headed.

Web Design with Purpose

Web design is a Brand Experience at Huck Finch. We build an online presence driven by your purpose and worthy of the way you do business.

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Ad Campaign Launch

Huck Finch connects your brand story with technical know-how to get the attention that your business craves. Avoid the overwhelm and get results from your Google and Facebook Ad campaigns.

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Fun + Action

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Travel Included?!?

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