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Creating A Future Where Suburban Wildfires Are A Thing Of The Past


Problems We Solve As Our DJ Resolves

Gridware is on a mission to create a future where suburban wildfires are a thing of the past. They approached us to help them create a brand from the ground up to go along with their innovative product.

Creating An Innovative Identity

Once we established a name, we needed an identity to match. This started with developing a logo mark that's inspired and intriguing.

Ultimately, we drew inspiration from the very thing Gridware was striving to replace - the grid - as well as sustainable, renewable energy.



A Website ForΒ The World As It Should Be

We designed and developed Gridware's website on Webflow to give us the design flexibility to ensure excitement and energy for all visitors who come to the website. Within 4 weeks of launching the website, Gridware went from not appearing in the Google SEO rankings for their name to being the top ranked website for their name.


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