Outbound Strategy Playbook

Outbound Marketing is a great way to test your brand messaging and close sales quickly. Connect your sales and marketing messaging with a customer focused strategy that resonates with your audience.

Problems we help solve
  • "We have a good inbound strategy, but have nothing going for outbound marketing."
  • "We need to get customers quickly while our longterm strategy takes shape."
  • "We're trying to take better advantage of LinkedIn and aren't sure how to reach the right audience with the right message."
  • "We're prepping for an upcoming conference and would love to create a great experience to book meetings and interact with customers."

The Specifics

What is an Outbound Marketing Strategy?

At Huck Finch, there are no dumb questions, so we like to start with the basics. With so much focus on Inbound Marketing in the past decade, businesses have forgotten about phone calls, sales pitches, and email scripts mostly because we all hate it as consumers, and more specifically because most places don't do it well.

But it can be an excellent way to get your message out quickly to your audience. We've all gotten that terrible, generic email. That's a lousy outbound experience. Where everyone else is horrible, there is an opportunity to stand out.

How we help you stand out(bound)

Everything we do builds on purpose and your ideal client - not you. Ouch. We know that hurts, but your customers aren't you. Your purpose is your unique offering, and we connect it with those you want to work with most.

Most commonly through:

  • LinkedIn InMail or Connect Campaigns
  • Email Scripts and Sequences
  • Conference Strategy
  • Conversation Marketing (Think chatbots)
  • Phone scripts

Outbound touchpoints like these are often a forgotten - even rogue - part of your brand. Create alignment, and get your message out ASAP.

Workshop Based Approach

Outbound strategy work typically requires upfront review of your existing assets by the Huck Finch team, followed by two, four hour workshops. We love the sprint/workshop approach to keep things moving and the team aligned as we decide messaging.

Awkward sales pitches...
Slaving away on that perfect email script
Not knowing what to say on that phone call follow up...
Don't make your customers hate their inbox more
That moment when your client feels like you are just what they need
A client that trusts you enough to pay your worth

How long does this take?

Outbound strategy work typically takes 30-45 days. We coordinate with your team to find the most effective way to get scripts and any additional deliverables ready for your campaign launch.

Work With Huck Finch

Purpose always sets the tone for what we work on. We take time up front to make sure we all know where we're headed.


Huck Finch's PurposeBrand workshops clarify the core of your existence as a business. Define who you are, who you are for, and implement your brand with confidence in two 4-hour brand sprints.

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Web Design with Purpose

Web design is a Brand Experience at Huck Finch. We build an online presence driven by your purpose and worthy of the way you do business.

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