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Client Summary
Using the fantasy sports model, Jazzdaq gamifies the music experience by rewarding its users for sharing hidden gem music and supporting musicians who may have otherwise remained unknown. Like the hidden gem musicians it looks to bring to center stage, Jazzdaq needed a brand that created a lasting impression where Adam Levine would push a button and spin his chair around.
The Ask
Jazzdaq needed a website and a brand that captures the vibes their app offers its users.
The Solution
We created a website, brand identity, and graphics that harkened back to eras of music in the 60s and 70s to showcase the founders love and passion for music.
“Working with Huck Finch is not like working with an agency or a studio, it is like working with your co-founders. You're not just a project or a client. Your goals are their goals. Your mission is their mission. They will open up their Rolodex (is that still a thing?) to you, they will help remove barriers, and they will help you dream up out of the box solutions.”
Ryan McGreal-Miller
Ryan McGreal-Miller
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