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Grand Portage Trading Co.
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Problems as Wide as the Amazon

Grand Portage is an B2B Amazon consulting agency based in Ann Arbor that works with brands on Amazon to grow their business. Unfortunately, their growth was flat because they were so unhappy with their brand identity that they stopped sales outreach to prevent prospects from seeing a website that didn’t represent who they are.

Wayfinding the Brand

From our research, we found that the space was saturated with competitors who used negative sales tactics to pressure potential clients into working with them. We wanted to highlight how Grand Portage is uniquely different in their approach.

To do this, we wanted to focus on bringing out the humanity behind the brand and bring their purpose of ensuring mission-driven consumer-product brands thrive while navigating the online retail space.

A Logo Making Waves



Besides delivering at an extremely high level, they were always there for other things that came up. Throughout our time working together I always sensed that they really wanted me to succeed and that they were not satisfied with their work until I was. Plus Hien and Matt are really cool guys. Our pre-meeting cups of coffee were almost as memorable as the meetings themselves. I would recommend Huck Finch 100x over and would be happy to talk to anyone who wants to know what it was like to work with them.
Matt Bussey
Matt Bussey
Founder, Grand Portage Trading Co.
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