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ArborMetrix is a team passionate about data science and leveraging it to make real change in healthcare. They work to empower healthcare organizations and providers to clarify what happens, why it happens, and how to improve. The ArborMetrix team works tirelessly on their mission to advance healthcare through data science with proven solutions that make it easy to deliver evidence-based insights so you can improve outcomes, advance research, and demonstrate safety, effectiveness, and value.

What made them stand out to us was their combination of technical expertise and approachability. The ArborMetrix approach often opens the door to possibilities that their clients didn't think were possible.

They constantly talk about making real impact on real people and we wanted to bring that forward in the messaging and new website.

Human Centered Design

Just as in the new language the team wanted to develop a visual design that showed that tied the humanity and the tech together as soon as you began to interact with the brand. We didn't want prospects and partners to have to wait to interact with the the team directly before they started to get that feeling. Beyond the visuals, we wanted to make sure that the site was easy to navigate for their specific clientele.

Super Nav!

The team had the idea for what loving became known as "the super nav" early on. Over time it developed into a really easy way to take any action a site visitor might be interested in. From learning about the AMX team, to reviewing published research, to booking a demo - we wanted it to be as simple as possible to find what their users need.

If You've Got It, Flaunt It

It became apparent very early on that ArborMetrix had loads of great data that had supported incredible outcomes and results for their clients. But it can be a challenge when building a website how to best show them off so that they stand out and don't just appear like a repeating list of numbers that gets glossed over.

Pulling it All Together in Webflow (and beyond)

We built the new ArborMetrix site on the Webflow platform because it allows extremely high-end design and easy to use collaboration to fine-tune copy, change out photos, both while we collaborate as a team and long after Huck Finch is gone. We love empowering our clients to own their sites. 

We also love how it is easy to implement other no-code tools to make the website's form and function come alive. In this case, we got to combine our two favorite tools, Webflow and Hubspot, to create a website that makes collecting leads, booking appointments, and publishing content a breeze.

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